“Vivo per lei”: Bocelli’s love for music and his new wife Veronica!

01Bocelli's Wedding in Tuscany

Today we want to celebrate a couple that fell in love a long time ago, but decided to marry just in these days. Unfortunately we were not their wedding planners, but this precious wedding in Tuscany deserve a word!

The protagonists are the famous Tuscan tenor Andrea Bocelli and his now wife Veronica Berti. For Bocelli, this is the second wedding but this time it seems that he have pondered about that for a long time! As a matter of fact, the couple got to know 12 years ago, in 2002. From their love has born Virginia, a 2-year-old pretty lady that at his parents’ wedding had the honour to bring them the nuptial rings.

02Bocelli's Wedding in Tuscany 03Bocelli's Wedding in Tuscany

Bocelli then, has two other male children born from his previous marriage. The two were presented at the ceremony accompanying the father to the altar and reading salmons during the religious celebration. To celebrate their wedding, Andrea and Veronica chose a very significant day that is not only the coming of spring, but most of all is the birthday of their daughter, Virginia.

Last March 21 at 6 pm, the spouses reunited in the small church of Montenero along with 60 participants. They were mainly from the respective families, just a few friends and no ‘VIP’ presented. A “normal fine wedding” as somebody said! The choice of the church then, was significant too. The sanctuary is devoted to our Lady of Grace of Montenero, patron of Tuscany and the tenor is really attached to this parish and its priest, too. The church is located in the hills of Livorno, a seaside Tuscan province.

Bocelli’s wedding was an intimate wedding ceremony (just like our Michelle and Dale!) and all reflected a simple and delicate wedding style as the personalities of the two. She had a cream coloured wedding dress, figure hugging and knee-length in double silk and a short jacket with details of lace, all designed for her by Ermanno Scervino. The tenor had instead, a classical elegant dark grey suit. At the end of the ceremony, the evening continued in the tenor’s Tuscan villa in Forte dei Marmi, a seaside Tuscan town. Here family and friends enjoyed the evening tasting the famous wine of the tenor. His family in fact, has produced wine for almost 200 years! That’s why Bocelli loves so much Italian wines!

So, we’re very happy for this couple and what is mostly important is that they fulfilled their dream with a real Tuscan elegant wedding! Therefore, we cannot finish this article without mentioning the words of the spouses to their guests: “After these long 12 years passed in a while in the joy of love, it comes the day to reunite our lives in front of the Montenero sanctuary, where we are happy to share with you this moment that will remain vivid in our hearts forever. Andrea &Veronica”. Really romantic, as we like it!

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