70Wedding-in-Tuscany-CortonaPH: Lisa Poggi

More and more of our lovely brides choose simple hairstyles for their wedding day in Tuscany, take a look at some of the styles that have been popular this year.

Wedding in Tuscany- hairstyle

PH: Anny

When choosing to have their  wedding day in Tuscany, most brides envision a pretty, simple, romantic and rustic style to make the most of all the beauty this region of Italy has to offer. We absolutely agree with these ideas even though we do also love the occasional alternative look!

A simple up-do with some flowers or a pretty hair piece or tiara can make a simple hairstyle look wonderful and will also compliment the rest of your attire and make you look and feel like the most gorgeous woman in the world.

06Wedding in Italy - Tuscany Cortona

photo by: Marco Miglianti

Adding lovely details to your hair and that of your bridesmaids can completely change the look of your wedding day in Tuscany. There are so many options to choose from all you have to do is find something that suits the style of your wedding and your taste. If you need help in deciding what the best option would be, don’t hesitate and ask our style consultant for some help, she would be super happy to give you ideas and suggestions for what hairstyle and accessories would be best for you!



PH:  Amy turner

So weather you have long or short hair, make sure you give a little attention to your locks when thinking about style ideas for your wedding day in Tuscany, we promise you won’t regret spending a little extra time on planning this detail of your special day.