Wedding Favours I Ph. Arte de Vie

Our wedding day is one of the most important days in life, so every little detail must be considered and organized. When it comes to wedding favours, the question is: what to give to my guests??

Certainly it’s necessary that favours remind them of the wedding, but they should be something most people like, so something personal and something local would be lovely. And it’s so important that favours would be not too big or heavy, so that they can be easily brought home.


Hand painted Tuscan landscapes. It’s a lovable and special wedding favour one of those that will remain impressed in the guests’ minds. The paintings can be hand made by a local artist and ordered exclusively for your special occasion. 

Pashminas for the ladies. A beautiful accessory that you can mix and choose based on a color theme, and place on the dinner tables adding a special touch to the wedding decor.

And for boys a nice cigar with a great grappa (Italian brandy) or limoncello (a lemon -flavored Italian liqueur) to be tasted after the wedding meal or to be saved for a special occasion.

A bottle of Tuscan wine might be another nice idea; something to keep until 10 years wedding anniversary and enjoy after years to remember and celebrate.

Olive oil.  Bottled and  packed with a cute tag with Bride and Groom names and wedding date on it. A quality product, that the guests can use at home.

The traditional Tuscan “confetti”. Confetti in italian means candied almonds. There are several flavours available and they should be given away in odd number: 3, 5 or 7.

Another very much appreciated wedding favour would be small soaps made with olive oil, which is also produced by many Tuscan farms. These olive oil soaps come in many different scents, such as orange, cinnamon, lavender and rose – and are very good for the skin.