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PH: Facibeni

Wondering what the ideal wedding flowers for you are? Here is an idea of flowers, colors and what they mean.



Roses: there are so many different kinds of roses that we’re sure you will be able to find at least one you like, these delicate and romantic flowers are perfect for weddings and have many different meanings depending on the color you choose. Red roses represent true and faithful love; purple is the symbol of eternal love; white means pure and untainted love; orange roses stand for charm and enthusiasm; pink is innocent love; a yellow rose used to be the symbol of jealousy in love but is now given as a gift to friends.

Gerbera: this flower kind of looks like a daisy but can be found in a variety of different warm colors such as pink that stands for  a young love; red represents true passion and victory whilst a yellow Gerbera means glory, orange is meant to bring satisfaction and happiness.

Lavender: the intense smell that this pretty flower gives off has given it the significance of purity and goodness.

Lily: symbolizes purity and refined beauty. White lily symbolizes modesty and virginity, orange lily symbolizes passion, yellow lily symbolizes gaiety while Lily of the Valley symbolizes sweetness and purity of heart. The Easter lily is the symbol of the Virgin Mary.

Wisteria: the name of this plant means sweet plant, it’s bluish-lilac flowers mean honor and respect but is sometimes used to ask for forgiveness.

Iris:purple irises Purple iris is symbolic of wisdom and compliments. Blue iris symbolizes faith and hope. Yellow iris symbolizes passion  while white iris symbolizes purity.

Hydrangea: this pretty flower symbolizes heartfelt emotions.


So there we are, whilst choosing what wedding flowers to use in your bouquet or to decorate the tables at your reception, keep in mid the meaning of these flowers…or you can totally ignore them and just do what you feel like! It’s totally up to you!