Having a wedding in Tuscany is mainly a dream for most of all brides&grooms. And this is the question.. Do you think that realizing a dream is so difficult? Our answer is no.. You just need a bit of patience! Let’s start finding the perfect Tuscan venue! And reality may go beyond your dreams! Have you ever imagine that?

Looking at venues just in photos is not respectful to how beautiful they are in reality! The atmosphere, the Tuscan air, the excitement of visiting a venue that could be yours for your wedding day, are just some of the emotions you’ll experience when visiting venues.

But of course a previous selection must be made and these are our suggestions!

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When thinking about your wedding venue in Tuscany, may you want to realize a wedding in Florence or a wedding among vines, the important thing is to establish first the type of venue you’re looking for. There is an infinite number of possible venues and all are different! You may like a rustic country farmhouse, a shabby romantic Casale, an elegant Italian designed villa with a giant garden outside for the perfect alfresco reception or you may also go for a medieval castle, the perfect wedding venue for a wedding in Florence!!

So think about these possibilities and start imaging it! With this in mind ask for a professional Tuscan wedding planner to help you find real venues in line with your preferences! And definitely, go for the type of wedding venue you desire, they will support you!

Find the venues you like most and ask more about. Take into consideration they’re policies as not all venues for example admit just a few-day rental or staying across two weeks (leaving Monday for example). Consider also the possibility to have a recpetion outside (just amazing!!) or inside in case of bad weather! So if you don’t agree with the policy or the spaces don’t suit your number of guetss, concentrate directly on other venues! Once you select at least four favourite Tuscan venues…this is the moment!!!

The time for inspection visits has come! Jump on a airplane and come to Tuscany!


Inspection visits of wedding venues are devoted not only to merely visit venues but also to discover this land made of paths, medieval villages, enchanted corners, everlasting relaxing moments, stunning panoramas and much more! Once here in Tuscany you’ll really experience what “living” a venue means. This villa, castle, casale or winery will reflect your style, your mood, your colours.. your personality in one word! And you’ll recognize the perfect one for you at first sight, promised!


Dream of a perfect wedding in Florence or a wedding in the countryside, we’ll make you fall in love with the perfect venue for you, guaranteed!


Ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners!