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Tuscany (22nd March – 31st July 2014)

STWP is not only a wedding planner in Italy but also a company entrenched with its territory! That’s why we know tell about this amazing exhibition in Cortona, our preferred town for destination weddings in Tuscany! Look also at the elegant car in photos, our amazing bridesmaids in purple with fresh sunflowers bouquets!

From the 22nd March to the 31st July 2014, at the Museum of the Etruscan Academy (MAEC) in the city of Cortona (Tuscany), will be held an extraordinary exhibition relating to the birth of modern Etruscology. Its name is “Etruscan enchantment: from the secrets of Holkham Hall to the wonders of the British Museum”.

Visitors will be led through paintings, drawings and archaeological items and will learn about the extraordinary figure of Lord Coke. During the 18th century in fact, a young Thomas William Coke decided to deepen his classical education in Italy. Here, he made a fascinating journey to the discovery of the Etruscan civilization as nobody before had ever done. Become Lord in 1734, he began to build Holkham Hall in Norfolk (England), one of the most famous grand Palladian mansion and here he started collecting beautiful memories of the Etruscan age.

A part of his extraordinary art collections are now available at MAEC, in our beautiful Tuscany.

In the first section of the exhibition is the only surviving copy of the greatest book about the Etruscan civilization, the manuscript “De Etruria Regali Libri Septem” (Seven Books about the Royal Etruria) written by Thomas Dempster and published almost a century later by Coke and the antiquarian Senator Filippo Buonarroti. This long-forgotten book heralded the dawn of a golden age of study of the Etruscan civilization. In the second section are instead, artefacts from all ages and continents belonging to the British Museum of London.

Bibliographic materials and graphical and archaeological items will accompany visitors through the magnificent rooms of the Accademia (Sala Medicea, Galleria dei Mappamondi, the Tommasi rooms and the Sala del Biscione), bringing people to the discovery of great antiquities like the Orator, a copy of the Chimera and a large “pietra fetida” (limestone) statue from Chiusi.


Again, the Etruscan Academy of Cortona reconfirms its fundamental role in preserving and promoting the role of our Etruscan ancestors to the present times. In this Tuscan museum fascinating journeys that safeguard our origins and transmit them to future generations to better appreciate our evolution and our present time, too.

And finally, never forget that if you visit this land for the first time, get lost in the tiny streets of the town among ancient houses and medieval churches, discover famous artists like Luca Signorelli and Lorenzetti or taste wine in some of the best wineries of Tuscany!

Super Tuscan Wedding Planners can accompany you in your journey to the discovery of Tuscany and Umbria also, lands that deserves all the time to be really tasted! And if you fall in love (and we’ve done), get married in Italy with your guests, taste our wines and get lost in the wild Italian countryside!

Your wedding in Tuscany Cortona will be unforgettable, promised!


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