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When planning a wedding in Tuscany many of you may think that you won’t be needing to decorate with many flowers because the scenery is amazing regardless and you are partially right about that, but let me explain…

I say you are partially right because yes, the scenery in Tuscany is breathtaking but you have to think that it’s mostly trees and bushes which are lovely but they don’t usually add much color to your day!

If you decide to have a symbolic or civil ceremony outside for your wedding in Tuscany, you will be surrounded by stunning views, greenery and maybe some flowers and sunflower fields, in any case you will want some flowers to decorate the altar and the chairs.

Are you planning to have a religious ceremony in church? even more reason to make sure you have some blooms dotted around…flowers add color and make everything look a little more festive and fun.

You will be wanting a wedding bouquet and flower compositions to decorate the reception tables… at this point you are probably starting to realize that you actually will need more flowers than you had initially envisioned for your wedding in Tuscany. Don’t worry. We are here to help! If you give us an idea of the kind of flowers you like or the look that you would like to give to your wedding day we will send you suggestions and some visual ideas of what everything will look like on your big day.

Just look at the photos from any wedding and you will realize that floral decorations really do help set the mood and make a difference on your wedding day! You can even create a wedding theme based around flowers.

One thing we do suggest is this: try to choose seasonal flowers. This will help you to not break the bank and your wedding in Tuscany will have a more natural feel to it.



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