05Luxury wedding in Italy Florence

The sun is getting warm and this means that spring is finally arrived!

Why do you not celebrate this season with what most represents it? Flower crowns, fresh make-up, colourful and light dresses are ready to be taken out of the wardrobe! Romantic styles must be as simple, fresh and creative as possible and this year, as in past years, hair braid ideas are again confirmed as the most fashionable spring hair trend! Don’t believe it? Take a look at the last New York Fashion Week runways! After all, braids represent the perfect complement for any fresh summer look and most of all, for the greatest country and romantic bride hairstyle!


Adding a personal touch to your hair is a must if you want to stand out during your fashionable wedding day! Fresh flowers with a springy fragrance or colourful strips of fabric can be added as a headdress for a perfect country and romantic bride hairstyle! Colourful strips then are suitable for every setting…even as chair decorations!! 😀 There are many types of braids and you should take a look at all of them! You many know the classic French braid, but the Princess Anne braid, the French over braid, the fishbone or the herringbone ones are really amazing!! Here, your hair are twisted, turned or teased in the most creative ways and you need a professional hairstylist for the greatest results!


Therefore, the success is guaranteed but never forget your bridesmaid especially if they are the littlest ones! They’ll love braids!! As wedding planners, during our weddings in Tuscany and Umbria we have seen many styles and this is really really cute. Take a look at our photos.. can you imagine something sweeter?

If you are considering Tuscany as wedding destination and If you’re coming to visit the green Tuscany then, a braid crown wrenched into a chignon in the nape is really perfect! I adore this last “natural” wedding style and it’s perfect when you have a strapless cute wedding dress on and want to show all your naked shoulders appeal! 😀 The wedding bouquet then, must obviously reflect the bright colours of spring and nature and why not add a small string braid even here?  😀
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