23-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorciaBRIDE: Sarah | GROOM: Paul| LOCATION: wedding in TUSCANY – Area Val d’Orcia | PH: Mandj Photos

Amazing locations for this Wedding in Tuscany : Horti Leonini, gardens in San Quirico d’Orcia, to host the ceremony and a Borgo in the middle of Val d’Orcia, as a hidden gem, chosen for the wedding party. It was just a glorious wedding day with the stunning landscapes of Val d’Orcia in the background.

I’m sure that you all will fall in love with Tuscany while looking at this pictures: landscape, people, food and culture. All things that Paul and Sarah wanted to share with family and friends on their big day!

Enjoy the slide show of the best moments of this special tuscan wedding!

0-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 1-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 2-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 3-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 4-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 5-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 6-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 8-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 9-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorciaThe civil ceremony was held at The Leonini Gardens, in the center of the radial design made of triangular flowerbed, right under the statue of Cosimo III dei Medici. With 70 guests, in a public space, surrounded by unknown curious people, you still had the sense of something  intimate, just because everything and everyone was focused on Sarah and Paul and on the love they were showing each other! Connection, bonding, closeness… These are the words that comes from our heart when we think of this wedding! The very air you breathed at this wedding was not only a festive one, but you actually could feel the strong connection among all the people that were there.
12-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 13-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 14-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia

18-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia15-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 16-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia


Pay attention to details: pale pink palette for flowers, ceremony and tables decor, vintage atmosphere with the buses for guests and an iconic classic Bentley… Every detail made this day even more to remember!


22-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 24-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 25-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia

35-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 26-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 27-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia
29-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia 30-super-tuscan-wedding-planners-val-dorcia

When Sarah and Paul look each other in the eye, they are not just seeing each other. They are seeing their today, their tomorrow and their future, for the rest of their life together! This all just started with a yes, under the tuscan sun!