Wedding invitation – Ph. Lisa Poggi

When we speak about wedding invitations, we have so many questions, but we haven’t the answers. The invites are one of the most important thing, because they will introduce the wedding to your guests. Here there are some advices to make a wedding invitation.

Sending wedding invitations-Wedding invitations

Usually the couple send the invitations three or four months before the wedding, that gives the guests enough time to get ready for the big day and make travel arrangements if they need it. So make sure to send the wedding invitations in time!wedding invitations wedding invitations

RSVPs-Wedding invitations

We suggest you to make the RSVP date two months before your wedding, so you can have a final head count in time. If there are some guests that haven’t responded, call and ask for their RSVPs, so you have all the invitations

Dress code and invitation design-Wedding invitations

You don’t know where to put the dress code? Simple! You can include it in the lower right-hand corner of the invite or on a reception card. The invitation design will give to your guests an idea of the style of the wedding. A formal and  traditional invite will hint to your guests the formality of the big day. A square invite full of bright colors instead, will give to your guest the idea of a casual invitations wedding invitations

Informations-Wedding invitations

You can have the best invites ever, but they need informations. Without informations they are useless. They should have all the essential info. You have to write who’s getting married, where the ceremony will take place and who’s hosting. If your wedding style is more unique or modern, you can express that by breaking a few invitations wedding invitations

Simple invitations-Wedding invitations

A common mistake is to insert in the invitations too much things in the invitation. Our advice is to keep only the most important informations to make a simple invite!

Those were our advices, but feel free to make your invitations with your own style!