autumn wedding inspirations in Italy

September is the month of weddings, we all know it! The weather is beautiful, the sun is still high and warm and the soft breeze of the last days of summer refresh the sultriness of the hot August.

However, September is also the month of the grape harvest! So how beautiful would it be to gather all things and ideas to create an event in line with the natural course of the nature??

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Think of sweet and sour grapes, the violet colour of the grape juice and the aroma of the must..they’re all authentic and can be that decorations that will make your wedding unique!

A ceremony in the vineyards is a must-have in September as well as a beautiful panorama over Montalcino or Montepulciano, the most famous cities for their precious wines. The September sunset then will make the atmosphere enough magic for any encounter!


The colours of red and violet can be the protagonists..

Red as the wine.. Red as the warm lights of candles.. Red as the leaves rolling around the vines!!

Autumn is close but not enough to make you chill at your wedding, at least you can chill out 😉 and we guarantee you the sun will shine bright over your head! 🙂

In this period many are the Italian festivals in honour of the grape harvest and of Bacchus, the Roman god of agriculture and wine (Dyonisus in Greek). During these festivals, young ladies use to grind the grapes in big barrels with their feet naked. A really amusing moment if you think of the entertainment and the rhythmic music of the drummers. So if you want to make your Italian wedding authentic, this is the real way!

Floats and parades normally accompany this tradition of the grape harvest and these ladies publicly and joyfully stand in the middle of the squares to grind the grapes!

So…would you be brave enough to try such a authentic ritual?? If you love wine, you should know also how it’s made! 😉 Enjoy with your guests a unique Tuscan wedding and have fun with the course of nature…not just with some glasses of good red wine but also with some grape grinding, don’t you think??


Ask your Italian wedding planners to plan your unique wedding in Italy!