Wedding Theme for your wedding in Tuscany

370Wedding-in-Tuscany-CortonaPH: Lisa Poggi

So, you have decided to get married in Tuscany, that’s fantastic!

The obvious choice for a wedding in Tuscany is a country theme and this is something we are really passionate about, but don’t think that this is the only feel you can give to a wedding in Tuscany.

Every theme can be interpreted in many different ways, our team has created a great number of country themed wedding and every one of them is unique because we add each couple’s taste to the equation and at the end of the day, each one is amazing in it’s own way.

Seeing as everyone has different taste, maybe a country themed wedding is not the thing for you. Do you have something different in mind? Great! You have probably had a look on a number of websites and seen that every season has  popular wedding styles and themes, if you are inspired by one of them and would like to create your own version of it in Tuscany just let us know and we will be more than happy to help you achieve your dream!

Personally, I was very inspired by the birthday party some friends of mine planned for themselves this spring, the theme was the roaring 20’s…absolutely fab!! Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the party so now I can’t wait for a couple to come along and say that they would like to have a Gatsby inspired wedding…come on guys, I really need an excuse to buy  a flapper dress!

If the 20’s isn’t really your thing don’t worry I won’t be upset with you (not much anyway). Our team is always open to options, so go ahead and let us know the theme that you are inspired by and I promise we will create the dream wedding in Tuscany for you.

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