Wedding Welcome Basket “Must-have” Items: Exclusively Italian Style!


02Trasimeno lake wedding in ItalyIt’s the day of your wedding in Tuscany and you and your groom are the main characters of this event, but we’re sure that you will want to dedicate a special thought to your guests, too. So leave them with a long-lasting memory of this event by giving them an Italian style welcome basket! Of course we can suggest a number of other ways to greet your bridesmaids and groomsmen such as an alfresco wedding aperitif by the pool or a pre-wedding party with some chill out music, but we just want to make sure they feel welcome and comfortable.

So let’s focus on their arrival at the hotel or villa before your Italian wedding day. The first things we think should be put in a wedding welcome basket are those items most of us consider a must have,  those necessary things like bathroom products, but also things that are just nice to have, such as  local Tuscan products that will make your guests feel more connected to the place they are visiting, especially when they come from far away!

Other indispensable wedding favors can be a bottle of water, some snacks, magazines or, as we said, bathroom products but we don’t want to concentrate on those. We would much rather make a short list of the items that our Super Tuscan Wedding Planner think will be more appreciated.

Let’s start with a subtle fresh room fragrance maybe combined with a pretty candle. The perfume (imperatively natural!) can be a combination of wood and citrus scents that are not too strong as to not disturb even the most sensitive noses. Italy is a country full of citrus fruits so you couldn’t choose a better fragrance for your wedding day in Tuscany.

Secondly, choose something that your guests can take home with them, but remember to never put something that will get all your group stopped at airport control (a bottle of wine for example) or things that may cause an increase in the weight of your guests’ luggage! Would you think of allowing space in your luggage to take a wedding favor  back home? If you answered yes, you’re fantastic! But most people wouldn’t think of something like that and, if they’re anything like us, they will use the weight allowance  on their luggage up to the last gram.

Rather than choosing a huge bottle of Italian red wine or Tuscan olive oil  go for souvenirs in smaller bottles or typical Tuscan  products like fresh or dried spices, fruit compote, and marmalade. Even dried fruit is recommended, as it’s will be something that your guests will be able to munch on whilst traveling! And remember, if you really want your guests to have a good glass of wine, organize a wine tasting tour in a Tuscan winery! There are quite a few here and they will also be able to ship the wine directly to your home…what more could you ask for?

Third, never forget to decorate your basket with some typical Italian fresh flowers. You can choose them because of the color or even because of their symbolic meaning. Choose purple irises or peonies if your wedding theme color is violet and rose or choose pink or yellow roses that respectively mean  “Thank you” and “Friendship”. You could also go for sunflowers that are one of the most wonderful  and popular flowers in our Tuscan territory. We do think that a bit of green is always necessary, though!

You may also want to give your guests a personal Thank you’ card. Make sure you put a personal touch to each note. This will make sure each guest feels special and if they compare cards they will know that you didn’t just make one to suit all but you actually put some thought into each and every one. They deserve a personal thought of yours because they have come especially from another part of the world to attend your wedding in Tuscany.

Finally, put in a white silk scarf for every bridesmaid and a pocket flower for every groomsman or simply ask them to wear something in the color you prefer. It will make the party more fun and you and your wedding guest will be the real soul of the party! So, add your original and personal touch to your welcome basket, your family and friends will appreciate it and this will make yours a real Italian style wedding with that bit of folly that is always needed!

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