Wedding in Tuscany: let your guest know more about your special day, by a dedicated website!


When we are invited to a wedding, in our special case a wedding in Tuscany, usually all we know is what we read on the invitation: names, places, day, time and few things more.

Your wedding day is so special and so are the ones you chose to share it with! So why don’t you let them know something more about the most beautiful and important day in your life?

When you decide to get married in another country, it’s really important for your guests to be informed about details. But, you know, you can’t write all things in an invitation. Anyway you can add a new piece of information on it: a simple link to your wedding website and the password to enter. You’ll see that a dedicated website for your wedding in tuscany might be the perfect choice!

It is a new way of make your guests feel really involved and also well informed about where they will stay and how to get there. But it’s not only about “technical” information we are talking about. In your dedicated wedding website you’ll have the chance to tell your love story, by both sides (so funny sometimes to look at the different points of view beetween bride and groom!).


Tuscan Wedding Website Super Tuscan Wedding Planners 3


Of course your guests will feel more involved in the event and also they’ll understand how deep your love is and what they are really celebrating with you!

As you will experience if you choose Super Tuscan Wedding Planners, a dedicated website is actually useful for the guests, for it provides help to understand how to get to Italy, how to reach the area of your tuscan wedding, where they are staying, the wedding itinerary, and also optional activities including the things to do and the places to visit in the area.


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Tuscan Wedding Website Super Tuscan Wedding Planners 1

Tuscan Wedding Website Super Tuscan Wedding Planners 2


Bride and groom will have the chance of writing all they want in the website and guests will have the possibility to ask question and to communicate any doubt or any issue related to the wedding.

This is definitely a new tool that Tuscan Wedding Planners offers and by which you can take care of your guests, by showing them how concerned you are in keeping them not only informed about your tuscan wedding details, but actually included in your life and in your love!


For any information about your wedding in Tuscany and your wedding website, ask Super Tuscan Wedding Planners!

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