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PH:Domenico Costabile

A recurring question for us wedding planners in Tuscany is: can I use confetti and if not what is the alternative to confetti  for my wedding in Tuscany?

Well, let me tell you, there are a number of solutions to this “problem” and honestly I think that they are so much better than confetti that you will feel silly for even having thought of using the things.

Throughout most of Tuscany you aren’t allowed to use confetti as it is not good for the environment and also because it’s a huge hassle for whomever has to clear it up. So, what can you use instead of confetti? Here are some of my favourite alternatives:

Bubbles: this is probably down to the fact that I am just a big kid but I can’t help being fascinated by bubbles. I find them to be magical and, with the right photographer, they will look absolutely amazing in your wedding shots!

Flower Petals: a very romantic idea which is also environment friendly. This is a solution that many of our couples have opted for over the past years and that can look beautiful even before you through them if you set them up in cute cones for your guests to hold.

Glitter pills: this is something that I saw whilst navigating Etsy (I kind of use it like Pinterest…is it just me?). They are basically little transparent containers with glitter inside that your guests can open and throw at you. Now I know this is something that won’t be to everyone’s taste but for those slightly more extreme brides this is something that I think could be amazing.

Dried leaves: for an autumn wedding this could be a great idea as you can find leaves of many different colors and it looks so natural and romantic.

Sparklers: This is another one that a lot of brides have already thought about and that gives off a great effect if you have an evening celebration.


So, those are my top five alternatives to confetti. Do you have any other great ideas for a wedding in Tuscany? I would love to hear them.