From the moment you get engaged, the first thing a bride to be thinks about is her wedding dress.

All women want to look their absolute best on their wedding day so here are our suggestions to help you choose the perfect wedding dress style  based on your body type.

First of all let’s get to know the different wedding  dress styles you can choose from!

Princess or ball gown:

This is a dress that has a fitted bodice and a waistline leading to a full skirt.

This style dress looks good on most body types but looks its best on taller brides.

A-line :

An A line dress is one that is fitted at the bodice and flows out to the ground in an unbroken line.

Brides with a pear shaped body ( bottom half of the body is the most curvy) will look amazing in this style dress.


A mermaid dress is figure hugging to the knees and then flares out whilst a trumpet dress is one that is figure hugging to mid hip and the gradually widen out.

Brides who have an hourglass figure should go for this style dress.


This dress fits close to the body but has no waistline and a straight skirt.

This kind of dress is best suites for brides who are apple shaped (most curvy in the top half of the body).

So there you have it. A rough description of wedding dresses and the body types that look best in them. Obviously there are many other things to consider when choosing your dress such as length, neckline, sleeves, fabrics etc. but that is something for another post.

We hope this article has given you a little insight into the world of wedding dresses and that it  will help you find “the one” for you on your big day!