Q : Is the civil ceremony in Italy legally recognized abroad?
R: Of course! A marriage celebrated in the district of any city in Tuscany will be legally recognized by any country in the world.

Q : Can we celebrate a civil wedding ceremony just in english language, avoiding the italian translation?
R: No. The Italian civic code says that the ceremony must be performed in Italian; for foreign couples we ask the help of an interpreter that will translate simultaneously the celebration of the Municipal mayor or the civil registrar. Super Tuscan Wedding Planners team will take care to recommend you professional interpreters.

Q : For the civil wedding ceremony in Tuscany, do we need an interpreter even if we speak Italian ?
R: No , if you and your witnesses are able to speak and understand the Italian language fluently it will not be necessary. Obviously, you’ll need to consider if your guests will be able too to follow the ceremony in Italian!

Q : Can we celebrate a civil wedding ceremony in the garden or inside a location without going to the local town hall ?
R: Only if the wedding venue hosts a public hall belonging to the local Town Hall. Just a few properties in Italy offer this possibility. Moreover, just in few cases is possible to celebrate civil weddings even outside in the gardens. Please, contact us to have more details!


Q : Is any documentation required for a symbolic wedding ceremony in Tuscany?
R: No, there is no need to provide official documentation. We will advice you over the best professional celebrants. You can start a direct dialog with her/him and they’ll take care to ask you the right questions they’ll need to create a tailored personalized ceremony text.

Q : Is the symbolic wedding ceremony legally recognized?
R: No.


Q : What should we do before a Catholic wedding ceremony in Tuscany?
R: It is really simple. You’ll just have to follow simple instructions. First of all, we will need to know in which parish (or town) you want to get married. It is really important as really few italian priests and bishops give their permission for foreign weddings on their area of competence. After this first step, everything will be more or less the same as if you were getting married at home. In fact, the catholic wedding ceremony will always be performed by a Catholic priest following the sacred chrism of the Catholic rite. Then, it will be sufficient to ask your priest for permission to marry in another parish.

He will follow you on each step. You’ll need to collect the following documents: certificates of baptism , confirmation, communion; civil marriage certificate (if you are already civilly married); moreover you’ll have to attend a pre-marriage course with your priest at your parish. At the end of the course, the priest will release you a certificate of attendance. All these documents will be shipped at our bishop by your priest. Your priest will give his “no impediment” and will ship all the documents to the local bishop in Tuscany.
We suggest to make your bishop have all the documents at least 3 months before the wedding, to make sure you have the necessary requirements on time for the wedding ceremony in Tuscany. Once in Italy, Super Tuscan Wedding Planners team will personally take care of following all the  procedures.

Q : Can we perform a Catholic wedding ceremony before our civil wedding (or if we are not already civilly married)?
R: No. You’ll have to send us the civil marriage certificate together with the other documents. The alternative is to perform civil ritual and catholic one at the same time during your wedding ceremony in Tuscany. In fact, in Italy priests have the authorization to celebrate civil recognized weddings, at the same time with the catholic ceremony. The procedures for the collection of documents in this case will be exactly the same as above with the only difference that you’ll have also to collect all the documents for the civil rite.

Q : Is there any problem to perform the ceremony in English?
R: We use to cooperate with mother tongue English priests that will celebrate the wedding mass. So it will be really easy!

Q : I am Catholic but my partner is not Catholic. Can we do a Catholic ceremony by the way?
R: Yes. It will be a Mix Marriage. You’ll have to follow the same procedures as above with the difference that obviously your partner will not need to collect his/her documents but just to follow with you the pre-marriage course.


Q: What is the weather like in April / May / Sept?
R: The best period in Tuscany are: second half of April, May, June, fist half of July and September. Second half of July and August can be a little too hot especially for the elderly and the children, but if the ceremony takes place in the late afternoon, there are no problems. March, first half of April and October are nice periods to consider too. Especially October in the last years is warmer and really pleasant. You can follow whether forecast here.

Q: How will we be assured of the quality and reliability of your services?
R: Firstly, you can see pictures of our work in the blog of Super Tuscan Wedding Planners on Facebook or Pinterest, and YouTube. Or even consulting our reviews section on our website or by consulting the feedback Testimonials from our customers on WeddingWire. In any case, this is a trust-based relationship that will grow as we work together for your wedding. Moreover we work on a recognised contract base.

Q: How will a wedding ceremony in Tuscany cost?
R: For information on costs please visit our Service costs

Q: Can we speak to couples you have assisted in the past?
R: Yes, please contact us for more detailed information.

Q: Can we organize a religious ceremony to be held in the grounds of a villa?
R: For some religions, it is possible to arrange a blessing in a villa. Whether the property, or in the halls, or in some cases, in a private chapel.
For the Catholic religion that is not possible and only a few bishops allow the celebration in private chapels.
For more information about a wedding ceremony in Tuscany, contact us.