“…I found my love in Portofino”
Super Tuscan Wedding Planners landed on The Italian Riviera Ask for more to your Italian Riviera Wedding Planners!
01Wedding planners in Portofino Italian Riviera
Dalida, famous italian singer, once sang “I found my love in Portofino”.. why? Because there’s nothing more intriguing than falling in love in this place..
Follow us and we’ll be your Italian Riviera wedding planners!
Dalida says.. “the strange game of the destiny brought me here, in the sweet enchantment of the morning while the sea was bringing you to me!” And this is how we want your wedding to be on the Italian Riviera. Your spouse arriving from the sea while you wait standing for your love to come and carry you away for a unique wedding on the Italian Riviera!
Portofino and the Cinque Terre are the main areas of the Italian Riviera, beautiful with their beaches and harbours, idyllic to celebrate a romantic unique wedding reflected in the waters of the Mediterranean sea! Portofino is a splendid town and harbour with a picturesque centre in pure Italian style! Near the province of Genoa, Portofino is easily reachable via Genoa airport.


03Wedding planners in Portofino Italian Riviera

The Cinque Terre is a rugged portion of the Italian Riviera, always close to Genoa airport, that comprises five villages (Cinque Terre means “five lands”! 🙂 ), all beautiful with their own peculiarities!

Not only towns, but also a coastline, the green of the surrounding hills, beaches all UNESCO World Heritage and lots of romance everywhere!!

Here the romantic churches of the Riviera will be amazing with their baroque and Italian style, the fresh sea breeze and a warm sun will be the best setting for a catholic wedding! Then, the characteristic town halls of Portofino and the small villages of the Cinque Terre will be delighted to bless your civil wedding in the Italian Riviera! Or even may it be symbolic in the yards of a villa by the sea or religious in the most magic place and beautiful place you choose, we’ll take care of everything from all documents to a 5 star sojourn in this beautiful land with your wife or husband, your family and your friends all!!The option for a luxury or chic or minimal wedding in the Italian Riviera are all here to be discovered by you, just ask us how to realize it! And our planning will make your wedding in Italy easy and relaxing, for you and your spouse!

 02Wedding planners in Portofino Italian Riviera

Portofino, Cinque Terre.. and lots of villas, panoramas over the sea, round trips by boats and much more all organized by your Italian Riviera Wedding Planners!

Dalida also says :”Portofino, a paradise on Earth..” so hear it, admire it and fall in love in Portofino, as Dalida did!!

Admire the beautiful corners of Portofino and Le Cinque terre and ask us to be your Italian Riviera Wedding Planners! Choose the one that have most inspired you and ask us how to realize your dreamy wedding in the Italian Riviera.

04Wedding planners in Portofino Italian Riviera

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Dream of your wedding in the Italian Riviera and realize it with your Italian wedding planners! by Super Tuscan Wedding Planners.


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  1. Laura wemyss
    September 27, 2015 at 21:27 (4 years ago)

    Looking for further information please.

    Would like to get married in the Italian riviera. Would be a civil ceremony with around 6 guests + one child. Is this something you would be able to help with?

  2. Elia
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    Hi Laura,
    I’ve just sent you an email!
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