“Vivo per lei”: Bocelli’s love for music and his new wife Veronica!

01Bocelli's Wedding in Tuscany

Today we want to celebrate a couple that fell in love a long time ago, but decided to marry just in these days. Unfortunately we were not their wedding planners, but this precious wedding in Tuscany deserve a word!

The protagonists are the famous Tuscan tenor Andrea Bocelli and his now wife Veronica Berti. For Bocelli, this is the second wedding but this time it seems that he have pondered about that for a long time! As a matter of fact, the couple got to know 12 years ago, in 2002. From their love has born Virginia, a 2-year-old pretty lady that at his parents’ wedding had the honour to bring them the nuptial rings.


Beauty tips for brides before the marriage

Wedding in tuscany bride beauty


May you be addicted to beauty treatments or completely unaware of this giant world…you won’t ever face your wedding day without it! Dedicating a whole day to the cure of your body (and skin in particular) is very important! Not only because I said so.. 😉 but also because it’s a real panacea for the body and for the soul above all! So, while planning your destination wedding day, don’t ever ignore to plan also all the preparations needed.

Don’t do it in a hurry, just take your time and enjoy! 😀


Wolfgang & Anna’s Wedding in Tuscany Cortona

19Luxury wedding in Tuscany

BRIDE: Anna | GROOM: Wolfgang | LOCATION: TUSCANY– Cortona | PH: Marco Miglianti


We are so happy today! And I think you can imagine why! 😉

We’re eager to tell you about Wolfgang&Anna’s super destination wedding in Tuscany Cortona with us!

On May 3, Wolfgang, a strong German man and his now wife Anna, a delicate woman coming from Russia got married with a religious ceremony in the church of Saint Bartolomeo in Pergo, a small church hidden among the hills of the Chiana valley near the beautiful and famous town of Cortona. (more…)

Discover your Etruscan origins at the Academy of Cortona

Wedding in Tuscany

Tuscany (22nd March – 31st July 2014)

STWP is not only a wedding planner in Italy but also a company entrenched with its territory! That’s why we know tell about this amazing exhibition in Cortona, our preferred town for destination weddings in Tuscany! Look also at the elegant car in photos, our amazing bridesmaids in purple with fresh sunflowers bouquets!

From the 22nd March to the 31st July 2014, at the Museum of the Etruscan Academy (MAEC) in the city of Cortona (Tuscany), will be held an extraordinary exhibition relating to the birth of modern Etruscology. Its name is “Etruscan enchantment: from the secrets of Holkham Hall to the wonders of the British Museum”.

Visitors will be led through paintings, drawings and archaeological items and will learn about the extraordinary figure of Lord Coke. During the 18th century in fact, a young Thomas William Coke decided to deepen his classical education in Italy. Here, he made a fascinating journey to the discovery of the Etruscan civilization as nobody before had ever done. Become Lord in 1734, he began to build Holkham Hall in Norfolk (England), one of the most famous grand Palladian mansion and here he started collecting beautiful memories of the Etruscan age.


Braids: the 2014 Trend for country & romantic bride hairstyle!!

05Luxury wedding in Italy Florence

The sun is getting warm and this means that spring is finally arrived!

Why do you not celebrate this season with what most represents it? Flower crowns, fresh make-up, colourful and light dresses are ready to be taken out of the wardrobe! Romantic styles must be as simple, fresh and creative as possible and this year, as in past years, hair braid ideas are again confirmed as the most fashionable spring hair trend! Don’t believe it? Take a look at the last New York Fashion Week runways! After all, braids represent the perfect complement for any fresh summer look and most of all, for the greatest country and romantic bride hairstyle!


Chic & Vintage Wedding in Tuscany? Meet Grainne & Rory!

16Vintage style wedding in Italy

BRIDE: Grainne | GROOM: Rory | LOCATION for this Vintage Wedding in Tuscany:  Cortona | PH: Days of Roses

images “Bride of the Year award 2013”

Today we’ll tell you about Rory and Grainne and their Super Vintage Wedding in Tuscany. Since the very first moments the feeling with this couple has been really strong! We were all really excited about their country romantic wedding up on the Tuscan hills of Cortona…and finally the Day arrived!


Wedding Welcome Basket “Must-have” Items: Exclusively Italian Style!


02Trasimeno lake wedding in ItalyIt’s the day of your wedding in Tuscany and you and your groom are the main characters of this event, but we’re sure that you will want to dedicate a special thought to your guests, too. So leave them with a long-lasting memory of this event by giving them an Italian style welcome basket! Of course we can suggest a number of other ways to greet your bridesmaids and groomsmen such as an alfresco wedding aperitif by the pool or a pre-wedding party with some chill out music, but we just want to make sure they feel welcome and comfortable.


Adam&Angela: Chic Wedding in Italy… and a Magical Wedding Setting!

Super Tuscan wedding planners Real weddingsBRIDE: Angela



PH: Ed Peers

21Wedding in Italy Country style Super Tuscan

PH: Ed Peers

Adam and Angela… a special day, unique atmosphere of a charming location in Umbria. the most famous land for tasty quality wine! Simple and chic bride has decided to enter the scene without bouquet.

Every detail was taken care by us in respect of the authenticity of the place. A country chic wedding amongst the vineyards, olive groves and green hills.


Luxottica: The story of an Italian myth


Have you ever thought about giving your friends and family a pair of sunglasses? Well, a nice way to look great and stylish in your wedding portfolio… 🙂  Make invitation cards with your ideas andmake everybody wear a bit of style.. and history!!

Now read about the story of the super famous Rayban and Persol!

Luxottica is the biggest world producer of lens and eyeglasses frames. The company was born in Italy in a small village in the North of Italy and is now ranked 8th among the Italian companies with the best reputation ever (according to the Reputation Institute).
But let’s leave this economic data and concentrate on the great man behind this famous brand!


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