5 Reasons to get married in Tuscany – Tuscany destination wedding

All the world know Tuscany as the “Garden of Italy”, it’s like a colorful postcard framed with a wonderful coastline. Getting married in Tuscany is a special dream come true: breath-taking sceneries,  deep green rolling hills and blue skies, cypresses and pine trees, seaside and glorious landscapes and delicious food and extraordinary wines too. It is the place where time stops and the laid back lifestyle and tranquility make you feel in the relationship between human works and the wonder of nature has reached the perfect harmony. Who is not daydreaming right now? But you know what?! I’m not writing this post to list the well-known beauties of this land but I want to share with you why a wedding in Tuscany is surely a guaranteed success.


Carolin & Tibor, an intimate wedding in Chianti, Tuscan precious wine land!

BRIDE: Carolin | GROOM: Tibor | LOCATION:  | PH: Amy Turner

Super Tuscan Wedding in Chianti Italy 11

Carolin and Tibor decided to have a wedding in Chianti, one of the most renown for wine in Tuscany. An old winery was the chosen venue and the wedding itself, a pleasant easy intimate one! No more than 30 people attended this Tuscan wedding! Relatives and friends grouped together like a unique family for this special day for our bride and groom.


Pet Friendly weddings, why not?

Pet Friendly Weddings

Pet Friendly Weddings – Photographer Beatrice Moricci

We know that during weddings your better half is the most important person! But our intuition says that there may be someone else really special! They’re always considered part of the family and for someone it’s as special as your better half!

In this post, we’re talking about your pet friendly wedding..in Tuscany of course!


The elegance of simplicity in a splendid Summer Tuscan Wedding!

BRIDE: Bex | GROOM: Alex | LOCATION: Summer Tuscan Wedding between Siena & Pisa | PH: Les Amis Photo

9 Summer Tuscan Wedding by Super Tuscan Wedding Planners

Summer Tuscan Wedding

This is the story of Alex and Bex and their Summer Tuscan wedding. They are a lovely couple that have been together since 2009! In 2014 Alex proposed to Bex and just after she answered (yes, of course!), despite not having discussed ‘the big day’, they both held the same vision of an unforgettable Italian escape for their family and friends…and here we are today telling you what happened at their wedding day! (more…)

Outdoor Tuscan Wedding in Chianti to celebrate an Italian-French love!

BRIDE: Bianca | GROOM: Loïc | LOCATION: Outdoor Tuscan Wedding in Chianti | PH: Beatrice Moricci

Outdoor Tuscan Wedding

Outdoor Tuscan Wedding

An Outdoor Tuscan Wedding with guests from all around the world! This is the wedding of Bianca & Loïc, that brought together all Bianca’s sisters who live around the world. Their family originated in Sicily and they chose to go live abroad, searching for a better future and better opportunities for their lives and careers.  A difficult change that was the first step for this wedding. Is in France that Bianca met the love of her life, Loïc. (more…)

Will you be my Maid of Honor?

Bridesmaids Style

Today, on our blog the real experience of a future maid of honor that shared with us her feelings about it! Together with her, we share with you some of the best Bridesmaids – Bride scenes from our real weddings!


She never asked me. My best friend, I mean. She never asked me to be her maid of honor. We just knew. We knew that when the Big Day came, we would be there, side by side. A silent pact between us. So, when she told me she was going to get married, I knew my most important moment as best friend had arrived. The happiness of the moment is immense, BUT, when everything calmed down, one simple, yet quite scary, question popped into my head: “What am I supposed to do now?” (more…)

Martyna & Marcin, an extraordinary Cortona Wedding!

BRIDE: Martyna | GROOM:Marcin | LOCATION: Cortona Wedding | PH: Jastal Foto Grupa

Cortona Wedding

Cortona Wedding

As the legend goes, when the Phoenix resurrects from the flames, she is even more beautiful than before! The Phoenix is the symbol of Martyna & Marcin love, and as you see in some Martina’s pictures, they decided to tattoo it on their upper backs to never forget that the love that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all! They really are a rare couple, who decided to get married in Cortona and to live fully their Tuscan experience. Watching these pictures it seems like they are a part of the Tuscan Atmosphere! And this is the way they made every guest feel: an integral part of something unforgettable! (more…)

Nasrin Richard and chic weddings! Tuscany is the perfect place!

Suellen & Rondinelli. Castle Wedding in Tuscany or Florence only? Well both!

Super Tuscan Castle Wedding in Tuscany

BRIDE: Suellen | GROOM: Rondinelli | LOCATION: Castle Wedding in Tuscany | PH: David Bastianoni

While planning a wedding the vision is always restricted to a unique venue, an amazing villa, stunning views, vineyards, the Chianti region and an infinity pool. Of course all this needs to be part of an amazing wedding! But who said a wedding can be this only!

Not us! In fact, our Suellen and Rondinelli had an intimate castle wedding in Tuscany but didn’t stopped here!

They reached Florence at night to spend some fun moments with their guests!


Brittany & Brennan, a classy tuscan wedding in October!

BRIDE: Brittany | GROOM: Brennan | LOCATION: classy tuscan wedding in a Villa near Pisa | PH: Cristiano Facibeni

Classy Tuscan wedding

Classy Tuscan wedding

This young couple made its decision to get married at the end of 2015. They decided to get civilly married at their home, during the lunch break of a normal working day and they already had in mind the wedding in Italy they wanted! (more…)

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