Danielle & Richard, a stuning view, menacing clouds.. and much more!


BRIDE: Danielle | GROOM: Richard | LOCATION: wedding in Valdorcia | PH: Andrea Corsi

A Borgo in the middle of Valdorcia, hidden as a gem, was the perfect frame for this country chic destination wedding! The protagonists of this amazing wedding are Danielle and Richard! Danielle was born in the Kingdom of Bahrein while Richard reached this amazing country only after, just to meet his better half!

Read more to discover! Of course Super Tuscan was their proud Wedding Planners in Tuscany Italy!


A Tuscan Wedding Ceremony: indoor or outdoor? That is the question!

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Tuscan Wedding Ceremony

A must-have of a destination wedding in Tuscany is the ceremony outdoor. Usually a view, a vineyard or an olive grove are the typical symbols of a Tuscan Wedding Ceremony and these are the dreams of future spouses when it comes to their Tuscan Wedding Ceremony. Anyway, there are other options, you know?  (more…)

Cortona is perfect for an intimate wedding in Tuscany!

Super Tuscan intimate wedding in tuscany 7

BRIDE: Nicola | GROOM: James | LOCATION: an intimate wedding in Tuscany | PH: Siobhan Hegarty

Looking for an intimate wedding in Tuscany? Well Cortona is the perfect town to do this! And we’ll explain you why through this real wedding of Nicola and James. They flew to Tuscany to become one only family! Of course they were already and their lovely sweet daughter is witness of this. But to properly celebrate their love, they chose a different place to do it and Tuscany was their dream!

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Give a bride the right wedding shoes, and she can conquer the world!


Wedding shoes

It is well known that shoes are kind of an addiction for most women! As a song says: “I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right!”. When we think of the wedding day, every Bride has to take her decision on shoes seriously! Is it better to stick to comfort? Or is it better to stick to fashion? High heels or flats? White classic shoes or something different? (more…)

A dreadful post about Tuscan wedding prices!

15 Pizza Party Italy destination wedding

Tuscan wedding prices are really a delicate topic! And for sure is one of the most important while deciding to have a wedding in Tuscany! In fact, we are asked this question each time and as you may imagine, there is no a unique answer! This because you all have different needs, number of guests, preferences in style. And we know for sure you want something special for your wedding!

But I don’t really want to discourage you, not at all! Tuscan weddings can be a real dream and we can make it real, together!


From Lebanon, living in Dubai, getting married in Val d’Orcia: Flo & Nassim’s love in a journey!

BRIDE: Flo | GROOM: Nassim| LOCATION: wedding in Tuscany Italy: Val d’Orcia | PH: Nicola Tonolini

Wedding in Tuscany Italy

Wedding in Tuscany Italy

Flo & Nassim are a special couple: their country of origin is Lebanon and immediately we understood how strong are the ties that bind them to their former homes. Now they live in Dubai and they contacted us to help them make their destination wedding dreams come to life! They wanted to ensure a really italian experience to their guests. To do this they chose a Borgo in the middle of Val d’Orcia, with rolling hills all around and a peaceful atmosphere. (more…)

In the town that is dying, love awakens: the engagement in Italy any woman would dream!

Engagement in Italy

Engagement in Italy

BRIDE TO BE: Lita | GROOM TO BE: Ben| PH: Beatrice Moricci

It was November 2016 when we received a request from Australia. Ben wanted to surprise his girlfriend Lita and propose to her with a surprising engagement in Italy! We only had 13 days to plan and set up everything! Anyway we accepted this challenge, because when it comes to true love, all things are possible! 🙂 (more…)

Lindsey & Miheer, an Indian wedding in Tuscany and not only..

BRIDE: Lindsey | GROOM: Miheer| LOCATION: Indian wedding in Tuscany in Chiantishire Medieval castle | PH: Roberto Panciaticisuper-indian-tuscan-wedding-planners-chianti-4

Who said that an Indian wedding in Tuscany couldn’t reflect both the Indian traditions and that rustic Tuscan feel?

We always imagine Indian weddings as massive parties with lots of golden details mixed with tradition. Well, this is what has happened! And it all took place here in Tuscany, in a beautiful castle in Chianti area.

So what do you think seeing in fornt of you a horse, a white cypress road, lots of people dancing in their colourful joyous typical Indian dresses!

Well I see a perfect Indian wedding in Tuscany!


An experience to remember: a wedding in Tuscan vineyards!

Wedding in tuscan vineyards

Wedding in tuscan vineyards – Ph. Domenico Costabile

First of all, if I were to ask what comes to your mind when you think of Tuscany, would wine will be among the answers? I’m sure it would! Tuscan Wine is one of the reasons why foreign people love our region and for many couples, a dream wedding in Tuscan vineyards seems to be the perfect experience to give their guests an unforgettable rustic experience! And who can blame them? Vineyards are the perfect background that can make a wedding absolutely memorable! Let’s see some examples of how vineyards can improve a wedding! (more…)

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