Who is Elia?

He’s actually a guy who always tries not to smile but he can’t!

Name: Elia Moretti

Specialties: CEO – Public relations manager – Event & Wedding Planner – Father of three children – Lovely husband


With a charismatic and cheerful personality , Elia is the founder of our company, and manages very well all of the relations with brides, grooms and professionals from all over the world. With over ten years of experience in weddings and events planning, Elia became a strong point of reference in the destination wedding Industry. At 33 he is already the best known wedding planner in Tuscany and Umbria and also founded a new brand to expand our business: Elia Moretti Events.

At work…

Elia manages to put every bride at ease and make her feel relaxed and light as a feather. Smart and creative during planning, present and attentive during the event.

Expert coordinator and obsessed with details (everything must be perfect!), as a true conductor is able to handle any situation, for example: a few years ago a cyclone hit one of our weddings and thanks to his quick wit, the event was postponed by just an hour! Can’t believe it? Read here the story told by the couple (Saj & Neda)!

At home…

A loving and present father, he loves to play with his children and teach them new things. He’s also very boring…He reads history books (History is his passion!) under trees in the garden! It’s a good thing his wife Arianna’s got his life stirred up… and, of course, his heart!


Specialties: CEO – Event Stylist – Web Specialist – Social media manager – User Experience Designer

Undergraduate in philosophy and psychological sciences at the University of Perugia

Former hair stylist and make up artist, Arianna has now become the creative mind of the company in a range of different fields.
Elia’s wife (see their wedding!… and also their engagement ;-)) and mother of two adorable girls, Rosa & Michelle, and a cute cadeau from their honeymoon Diego.

She takes care of the brand image of the company and designs the ceremonies and receptions as well as all the decorations for the wedding day.

She leads the company’s strategies, in terms of style, creativity and marketing.

If you need an image consultant, she is the right choice.

Olga Merolla:

Olga: B2C Correspondent for Russian couples

Journalist and lover of the Italian culture and territory, Olga has lived in Umbria since 2009. During these years, her famous blog has celebrated Italian beauties in Russia and the green heart of Italy, as Umbria is called, has been her first aim! She is now a part of the Super Tuscan staff and ready and willing to help all Russian couples to realize their dreamy wedding in Italy! Umbria, Tuscany and other regions are now joined together for Russian couples and all our professional services are at your complete disposal.


Tuscany wedding planners:

We will create a personal design concept for you alone. A horse and carriage? Its yours. An Italian singer or band? Of course!  Dancing under the moon? Why not?  Our goal is to bring to life everything you have ever imagined for your fairytale wedding, a wedding that is nothing short of perfect – under our beautiful Tuscan sun.

And you won’t have to worry about a thing – we take care of every last detail, both before and after the big day. We will manage everything from paperwork to catering services, table settings and anything else you may require.

We will also take care of your guests and arrange for accommodation, meals and day trips.

This isn’t just our job…it’s our passion! and we aim to make sure that every couple feels like they had the best wedding they could have possibly asked for.

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