Be aware about the wedding ceremonies in Tuscany is really important!

This will be the starting point for all other decisions: transfers, possible tours, styles, decorations, interior design, architectural lighting design and more.

We have selected the most beautiful and interesting destinations on this website and for each wedding ceremony in Tuscany we suggest a selection of luxury locations, comfortable and suitable for every need.

Wedding ceremonies in Tuscany
Civil wedding ceremonies :

A civil wedding ceremony in Tuscany usually takes place in the town hall or other municipal places open to the public. The town hall requests a “nulla osta” (a “certificate of no impediment to wed”) for both members of the couple, a document in which the future spouses declare their will to marry. The process to get this documentation depends on the nationality of the spouses. The first step is to confirm the legality of this union with any embassy that may be involved and the same will be done in Italian municipalities. We remind you that expenses for this type of ceremony are not standard and vary from a few hundred to over a thousand euros. In any case we will help you with all the necessary documentation as well as the ceremony.

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Look at the Becca and Rob’s civil wedding in the town hall of Cortona!>

Symbolic wedding ceremonies (blessing) :

We collaborate with the best professional celebrants in Europe for our wedding ceremonies in Tuscany, so you can freely choose the best locations for your wedding. Celebrants will already be on site to celebrate your wedding ceremony in Tuscany! Just choose between a range of open spaces, vineyards, typical Italian designed gardens or wineries where we can easily set your symbolic wedding. There is no juridical restriction to the selection of the location. It can be a castle or a vineyard, a rural romantic place or a private garden…even a terrace with an amazing view of the lake! A symbolic ceremony is one of the best solutions for large weddings as you and your guests can remain in the same location during the ceremony and the reception. This will avoid any stress caused by transfers on your wedding day! Whilst choosing one of our  wedding destinations in Tuscany, you may want to consider having both a civil and a symbolic ceremony at the same time in order for you to be legally married according to the Italian law!

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Religious wedding ceremonies:

For religious wedding ceremonies in Tuscany, you will need all necessary documents concerning the Christening, Holy Communion and Confirmation. We suggest you have an interview with your priest once you’ve chosen Italy as the location for your wedding as you will have to go to premarital courses in your hometown.

Note that not all priests are obliged to marry non-resident couples therefore, you should take this into consideration when choosing the location. Please, let us know your religious faith (Catholic, Jewish or other) and if your partner is atheist or has a different belief from yours. We have contacts with various English speaking priests in Tuscany that will be happy to marry you.

There are a great number of churches in Tuscany where you can celebrate your wedding. In Italy you may choose just to have a symbolic blessing after having had the civil celebration in the country you live in, in this case you will have to send us a copy of your marriage certificate at least a month prior to the date you have chosen in Italy. You may also decide to have a civil ceremony and a blessing at the same time, in any case it isn’t not possible to have a Church wedding without having a civil ceremony at the same time or having had it before hand.

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Check out Deirdre & Brian’s religious wedding >

In Tuscany there are loads of churches to choose from, ranging from the intimate countryside ones to magnificent cathedrals in the city. If you have different religious beliefs (Hebraic, Protestant and others..)  we can contact many religious leaders that have already collaborated with us during our wedding ceremonies in Italy.

In any case we will always find  the perfect location for your fabolous wedding in Italy!

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