For your wedding stay to be pleasant, take care also of your guests with our special services.

When organizing a wedding in Italy guests care is fundamental!

Wedding in Italy guests care services may vary and depend on the spouses’ requests. When planning a wedding, we always suggest to the spouses the best solution for a perfect wedding in Tuscany guests care.

All guests will receive the best treatments ever and our staff is at your disposal for any request.

For this reason, we have dedicated one section of our web site to submit all the services we offer to make your guests’ stay unforgettable and stressful.


Type of guests care services:


– Taxy & Transfer Services

– 24 Hrs Availability

– Welcome Baskets and Gifts Deliver

– Wine Tours & Tastings

– BBq

– Pizza Parties

– Cooking Classes

– Golf

– Tennis

– Wellness

– Guided Tours


Ask us for other wedding in Italy guests care services and have a look at our Welcome Baskets!