Organize your wedding bbq with us!

wedding bbq

As well as Pizza Parties, BBq parties are an absolute must for brides & grooms and their guests during the wedding. And when we say BBq we mean… Tuscan Style BBq!

Meats, fresh vegetables,a selection of pecorino cheeses … an informal & relaxed atmosphere, the best for a wedding party in Italy and especially here in Tuscany!

Have you ever heard about “salsiccia” or “bistecca”? or about ” porchetta”?

These dishes are part of the old farmers cooking traditions, and are just ideal for an informal Alfresco Tuscan meal or a BBq facing amazing views or enjoying a swimming pool and good friends… but also really trendy, original and chic  for a classy and  welcome wedding bbq dinner in the center of Florence.

wedding bbq wedding bbq wedding bbq wedding bbq

Sometimes the couples decide to have a smaller bbq, other times it turns out to be a crazy wedding party set around the pool. You could choose to decorate your wedding bbq in the style you love… for instance: You can play with enchanting boho atmosphere using carpets and cushions, or you can use a barrels as tables and hay bales as benches to create a typical italian country atmosphere like a really tuscan festival.

In any case, the real must of the tuscan Style Bbq is to prepare all the food in front of people and to cook it with grills possibly outside… it’ll make the food be part of the entertainment and the result is guaranteed.

Another fun idea could be to have a photo booth on the day of the bbq, in fact often people think about it just for the wedding day, but you can be sure to collected the most fun memories of your italian staying, choosing this funny service even the day after your Big Day.

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