It’s very common for a wedding abroad, especially for a wedding in Italy, and specifically for a wedding in Tuscany, to make welcome baskets for your guests, containing local products (i.e. home made local pasta, ceramics, paintings, bottles of wine or olive oil, maps with information of the area…) to find once they get to their rooms. One of our wedding planner services is the delivery of welcome baskets or wedding gifts. This service has been specifically created to make sure that each guest will find one of these inside their room upon arrival. Obviously our staff will take care of this!!

Does the groom want to send the bride some flowers? Or a bottle of  prosecco so that she can make a toast with her bridesmaids? Do Bride&Groom want to send a special gift to the bridesmaids and best-men? We will make sure it happens!
These kind of services are important if you want to be sure that your gifts will be delivered exactly where & when you want without you or you guests having to personally deal with it.
In fact, we suggest that you let your guest be completely relaxed and free of any kind of responsibility during your wedding stay, so everyone’s stay will be completely stress-free and  100% enjoyable.
By using our wedding planner services  you are guaranteed an unforgettable stay and you’ll be able to experience the real Tuscany…. with nothing else to do!!


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