Music for your wedding in Tuscany

Italian wedding band tuscanyThere are a deal of important things you will need to decide to make your wedding in Tuscany perfect and personal, one of these is music.

Music will accompany you from the moment you start your ceremony all the way to the end of the night so you need to make sure you have the perfect soundtrack for your event. Don’t panic! this doesn’t mean that you will have to decide every single song that will be played from down till dusk during your wedding in  Tuscany…well you can if you want to but we suggest you just choose the songs that will be playing on the most important moments of your wedding day.

The first most important moment of your wedding in Tuscany will be when you’re walking down the isle to meet the person you will be spending the rest of your life with. You can choose to have any music you like but we think that something more traditional is called for at this moment, especially if you’re having a church wedding. You can decide to have either a keyboard player, a string quartet or even an opera singer accompanied by an organ player who will also be able to accompany the rest of the wedding ceremony.

The second important moment during your wedding in Tuscany will be when you arrive at the reception venue, here you will be greeted as man and wife by all of your friends and family so we suggest you make it fun and get your DJ or band to play something a little more lively, say maybe “crazy in love” by Beyoncé or “Celebration” b y Kool & The Gang.

And here we are…the moment you have all been waiting for…the Bride and Groom’s first dance! Well what can I say, this is a very personal moment during your wedding in Tuscany, and many of you probably have a particular song that is “yours” and that will just make this moment that little bit more cute and romantic. Saying that, not all couples have their song or some may have one that they don’t think is right for this particular moment, my opinion is that in these cases the best way to find the perfect first dance song is to go over a list of songs together and find one that you both love and think will be perfect for that romantic moment.

There will be many other important moments during your wedding in Tuscany such as the father and daughter dance just to name one of them, so make sure you prepare a list of songs for the moments that are important to you!


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