All the world know Tuscany as the “Garden of Italy”, it’s like a colorful postcard framed with a wonderful coastline. Getting married in Tuscany is a special dream come true: breath-taking sceneries,  deep green rolling hills and blue skies, cypresses and pine trees, seaside and glorious landscapes and delicious food and extraordinary wines too. It is the place where time stops and the laid back lifestyle and tranquility make you feel in the relationship between human works and the wonder of nature has reached the perfect harmony. Who is not daydreaming right now? But you know what?! I’m not writing this post to list the well-known beauties of this land but I want to share with you why a wedding in Tuscany is surely a guaranteed success.

Qualified professionals – Tuscany destination wedding

Tuscany destination wedding has been the most requested for very long time. Over the years it has generated hundreds of new professionals of wedding who became more experienced and qualified, outdoing their colleagues in the rest of Italy. Lots of couples search for wedding planners, the prices for the photographers are high and chefs can delight the finest palates. Also, Tuscan style is renowed as classy and sophisticated. This creates a perfect mix that will make your big day flawless and impeccable.

Tuscany destination wedding11 Wedding in Tuscany Vineyard Tuscany destination wedding Wedding in tuscan vineyards

Extraordinary hospitality – Tuscany destination wedding

The welcome and the innate Tuscan courtesy, combined with an authentic style and simplicity, have enchanted millions of visitors. We know that the biggest concern for the bridal couple is the well-being of their guests. Making happy and satisfied friends and families who come from all over the world to attend your wedding is priceless. That’s why you should confide on the extraordinary Tuscan hospitality.

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 Various  wedding venues – Tuscany destination wedding

I like to say that Tuscany is a whole world on its own. Art cities, medieval hamlets, renascence towns, rolling hills, golden fields, enchanted castles, extended vineyards, thermal baths are just few of the several options that you can choose as wedding venue. Due to this different characterization of the territory, Tuscany offers you an unique range of  choices to customize your day. For example: you can organize an intimate party in a luxury private villa, an exclusive wedding in sumptuous estate or a more casual one in a country house. It’s totally up to you and you can really write your own fairytale however and wherever you prefer.

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Interesting things to do – Tuscany destination wedding

Among the beauties and the sightseeing, in here you can experience and go inside the real soul of Tuscany. It will be amazing to impress your guests in front of renaissance palaces and churches or let them admire Tuscan art and history in museums (from the Etruscans, passing through the Romans and the medieval age, Tuscany offers a wide range of exhibitions). But how it would be renting a bike to discover hidden little nooks or visiting wineries and breweries (I know, it sounds weird but lately they are easy to find in here) tasting divine beverage? How funny could be challenge you friends during a cooking class? What about a horse ride on the beach? In Tuscany everything you can dream about, actually you can do!

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365 time” yes, I do” – Tuscany destination wedding

Tuscan views have so much to offer all year long. The palette that colors nature during any season will enchant you: green and colorful hills in spring, precious gold fields in summertime and red-orange woods in fall and charming lights in winter too. You can marry in tuscany everytime and make the memory everlasting. Due to the various options that this territory offers, you can dream about what you want. An enchant event in a spa relais during winter time while an al-night-long party in a resort on the beach in summer. So even if you are a busy business man you have no excuse to say “Yes, I do”.

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