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May you be addicted to beauty treatments or completely unaware of this giant world…you won’t ever face your wedding day without it! Dedicating a whole day to the cure of your body (and skin in particular) is very important! Not only because I said so.. 😉 but also because it’s a real panacea for the body and for the soul above all! So, while planning your destination wedding day, don’t ever ignore to plan also all the preparations needed.

Don’t do it in a hurry, just take your time and enjoy! 😀

During your special wedding day, every factor like sun, rain or wind puts under stress your skin making it look dehydrated, dull or even oily. Stress is not healthy and unfortunately we all know that weddings are always stressful! So to have a glowing complexion, follow our beauty tips about skincare!

Go to a SPA if you love the hands of professionals on your body! Spas in Tuscany are many and offer from body rituals to thermal water baths! Of course, this solution is preferable if you’re getting married in a short time…after all, you’re the bride and deserve it! 🙂 In a beauty salon, abandon yourself to cleansing, exfoliation, steam, massage and mask. A healthy radiant skin (and a radiant bride!) will be the result!

When instead, you decide to take care of your body on your own, search for natural home-made beauty treatments. There are thousands of recipes to create DIY solutions! Start getting essential oils (coconut, olive, tea tree), natural soaps, honey, Karite butter and flowers extracts, then enjoy experimenting on your body!


So brides of all worlds, if you want to shine bright during your wedding day (and in photos!), do treatments with professionals or DIY recipes, no matter! What is important is that you take care of your body. Follow also our skin care routine tips for brides when preparing to your fantastic wedding day!

If you have a dry skin use a gentle cleanser to remove make-up and dirt from your skin. Use instead a foaming one if your skin is oily.

Use always a moisturizer to protect your face whatever your skin may be, but be careful..if your skin is dry and dehydrated, apply it more than once a day!

Wear sunscreen every day and exfoliate your face skin at least once a week to take off dead skin cells. A nice DIY recipe is sugar combined with honey, very natural and effective, too! However, use a small quantitative if you’re skin results to be sensitive to such treatments!

Dark skins for example, are particularly sensitive to sun or chemicals. In this case, stick with a simple and gentle skin care routine. Creams with vitamins C or E are advisable to protect you from the sun. Also A or B3 are good improver of your skin tone, especially when damaged from the sun.

And don’t forget…if you succeed in smoking less, eating better and healthier, sweating a bit and relaxing yourselfyou’ll detox your body and it will have a healthier look and a happier soul!

And finally, sleep how much you want! Sleeping is among the most effective beauty tips for brides to have a glowing clear face, especially on your wedding day!! <3

Take also inspiration from our bride Melanie and her secret beauty tips!


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