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Once you have decided to have your wedding in Tuscany you need to choose a few things such as: your dress, your shoes, flowers, decorations, hairstyles, makeup and probably quite a few other things! This is such a fun process because you can really go to town and have fun with it.

You may be one of those people who has been planning her wedding since the age of four, you may have no idea whatsoever of the look and feel your wedding in Tuscany. In either case, a little inspiration won’t hurt. There are so many options on the internet but one I really love is Pinterest (if you have never used this then be prepared…it is addictive). The reason I love it so much is that you can search any category such as ‘wedding in Tuscany’ and tons of images will appear, all you have to do is look through all the lovely photos… seen one you love? just pin it to the board you have called ‘my wedding’.  I’m pretty sure that board will be packed with images pretty soon, don’t worry you can create as many as you want!

Once you have made your mind up and made a selection of your favorite looks, just share your board with us so that we can use that as inspiration to create the perfect wedding in Tuscany for you!

I know you’re getting excited now but give me just another minute before you start pinning! Make sure you search for Super Tuscan Wedding Planners on Pinterest, you will find loads of pictures of weddings we have done in the past and some of them are bound to inspire you!

If Pinterest just isn’t your thing, don’t worry! there are many other places where you can find inspiration for your wedding in Tuscany, just do a little research on the internet, on our website or even in bridal magazines…you will definitely find some great ideas!


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