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Bridesmaids & Bride celebrating – Ph. Matteo Innocenti

Bridesmaids are members of a bridal party in a wedding. A bridesmaid is typically a young woman and often a close friend or relative. The bride can also choose the principal bridesmaid, called the chief bridesmaid or the maid of honour.


A wedding in Montepulciano: a lovely tuscan wedding with a view, indeed!

Vintage Tuscan styled shoot in Tuscany Hills!

Super Tuscan Romance Bride 2

tuscan styled shoot

This shooting follows one of the trends of the year: vintage style! And what is it better than a Tuscan styled shoot to celebrate this day with the beautiful landscape of Tuscany’s hills?

It has been done in a typical wine cellar with lots of wine bottles. The fall atmosphere with his warm colors creates a contrast with the grey and black dresses of the bridesmaids and the white dress of the bride.

If you want an inspiration for your vintage wedding, this post will give you some trendy ideas!


Carolin & Tibor, an intimate wedding in Chianti, Tuscan precious wine land!

BRIDE: Carolin | GROOM: Tibor | LOCATION:  | PH: Amy Turner

Super Tuscan Wedding in Chianti Italy 11

Carolin and Tibor decided to have a wedding in Chianti, one of the most renown for wine in Tuscany. An old winery was the chosen venue and the wedding itself, a pleasant easy intimate one! No more than 30 people attended this Tuscan wedding! Relatives and friends grouped together like a unique family for this special day for our bride and groom.


A Tuscan Wedding Ceremony: indoor or outdoor? That is the question!

FotorCreated 9

Tuscan Wedding Ceremony

A must-have of a destination wedding in Tuscany is the ceremony outdoor. Usually a view, a vineyard or an olive grove are the typical symbols of a Tuscan Wedding Ceremony and these are the dreams of future spouses when it comes to their Tuscan Wedding Ceremony. Anyway, there are other options, you know?  (more…)

A dreadful post about Tuscan wedding prices!

15 Pizza Party Italy destination wedding

Tuscan wedding prices are really a delicate topic! And for sure is one of the most important while deciding to have a wedding in Tuscany! In fact, we are asked this question each time and as you may imagine, there is no a unique answer! This because you all have different needs, number of guests, preferences in style. And we know for sure you want something special for your wedding!

But I don’t really want to discourage you, not at all! Tuscan weddings can be a real dream and we can make it real, together!


An experience to remember: a wedding in Tuscan vineyards!

Wedding in tuscan vineyards

Wedding in tuscan vineyards – Ph. Domenico Costabile

First of all, if I were to ask what comes to your mind when you think of Tuscany, would wine will be among the answers? I’m sure it would! Tuscan Wine is one of the reasons why foreign people love our region and for many couples, a dream wedding in Tuscan vineyards seems to be the perfect experience to give their guests an unforgettable rustic experience! And who can blame them? Vineyards are the perfect background that can make a wedding absolutely memorable! Let’s see some examples of how vineyards can improve a wedding! (more…)

Christmas is coming! Get ready for a surprising Christmas engagement!


This couldn’t be a better moment to talk about Christmas gifts and of course before a Romantic Wedding in Tuscany there’s another thing to donate!! And the best gift for a lady in love is definitely having the fiancé on his knees in front of her! Of course we love any romantic wedding in Tuscany but hurray for engagements!

I love taking time to see engagements videos. There are different types, from those composed and intimate to grand, captivating shows in front of a crowd!

Of course surprise factor and secrecy are the 2 key points!! Don’t forget!

So let’s see how yours can be… And most of all, what is your favourite style??


Details do matter, above all in a Tuscan Wedding!

LOCATION: TUSCANY – Area near Montepulciano | PH: Andrea Corsi |

When we look at wedding photos we are used to see happiness and beauty in the faces, in the looks, in the expressions of people. It’s true, eyes do talk but we can find the beauty of life in details and love as well shows itself in the details! So, with this post we want to pay the details the attention they deserve, with the respect they deserve!

The photos you are about to see are taken at one of our Tuscan Wedding, in April, at Montepulciano.


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