This couldn’t be a better moment to talk about Christmas gifts and of course before a Romantic Wedding in Tuscany there’s another thing to donate!! And the best gift for a lady in love is definitely having the fiancé on his knees in front of her! Of course we love any romantic wedding in Tuscany but hurray for engagements!

I love taking time to see engagements videos. There are different types, from those composed and intimate to grand, captivating shows in front of a crowd!

Of course surprise factor and secrecy are the 2 key points!! Don’t forget!

So let’s see how yours can be… And most of all, what is your favourite style??

First of all you may want to organise all by yourself or have people around you contributing, but as said, surprise and secret needs to combine and be respected by all involved!

Preferring an intimate Christmas engagement, you have different sweet ways to propose to your fiancé!

If you’re a classic man, organize an intimate dinner and immerse the wedding ring in an elegant glass of Prosecco. Of course tell your bride-to-be to be carefull. It’s not uncommon to see a a person swallowing it and suddenly realising what has happened! It’s such an embarrassing moment! It’s not a surprise this way is no more that popular..

While creating with your fiancé the Christmas tree, isn’t it lovely to hang the wedding ring? Tree already done??? Create the atmosphere and the moment! It will be a big surprise the same way.

Do a walk in the wood or intimate place taking care of leave proper messages around! Of course a single funny sign hanged on a tree will be enough but a sort of route properly created for this special moment will be more enjoyable to live together!


Not yet satisfied? Let’s see now how to make it big and ask Super Tuscan to help you with your Christmas engagement and why not.. a Romantic Wedding in Tuscany!

If you’re a fan of Christmas lights, why not to write the famous words “will you marry me?” right in front of the door…not a 10cm written, I’m talking about a 10 mt long writing. I’m sure it will make your fiancé relieved from all the stress of the day! And your neighbours aware there will be soon a wedding in the block!

Thinking (very!) big, a Flash Mob in perfect Christmas style would be amazing. No matter if you’re a good dancer or singer, it will be for sure a 5 unforgettable minute engagement for everybody! Choose a crowded place, a mall, a busy street, any place where people will be happy to join you in the celebrations!




Said that, of course Christmas contributes to your success, just like the song says!

“Sparkling tinsel twinkle, shining
With waving whispy willow wings
That breath the song of Christmas time dreams”

..and you know…we ladies, love sparkling things (not talking about Prosecco, not even the ring)!

So why not to take advantage and choose a place and atmosphere that will make this Christmas engagement magic with lights, colours and the right “warm” sweet mood!


So no matter how it will be, the precious thing of all is having your hearts in love and your fiancé in front of you asking you to marry!

From all the Super Tuscan team….happy Christmas and our best wishes for a special day!


What’s next?? Easy! A Romantic Wedding in Tuscany!! Ask to Super Tuscan Wedding Planners!