How to be ‘socially correct’ during a wedding in Tuscany

Wedding ceremony in TuscanyPH: Facibeni

Whilst browsing various blogs lately, I have seen quite a lot of talk about the use of  social media during weddings. I was very inspired by this topic so I thought I would write about it for all those couples who are planning on having a wedding in Tuscany.


In a world where we are constantly connected and most of us have a smartphone in hand at all times, you may think that it’s ok to carry on as you always do during a wedding, but you have to remember that the bride and groom have invited you to their wedding in Tuscany so that they could spend time with you and they probably won’t appreciate you having your nose stuck in your phone 24/7. Here are a few suggestions on how to make the best use of social media during a wedding:

1-This is for the bride and groom: If you have a strong opinion on the use of smartphones and social media during your wedding, we suggest you let your guests know. There are quite a few ways to nicely tell people what you would prefer so, if  for example, you really don’t want your guests watching your wedding ceremony through their phone screens you could put up a cute sign asking  people to ‘please turn off your cameras and phones during the ceremony’.

If you are happy to let your guests to take photos and videos of your dream day, please let them know if and when to share them on social media, a good way to check what’s being posted and not miss any of the photos is to create a personalised hashtag and let everyone at your wedding in Tuscany know!

2-For the guests: make sure you take notice of the bride and grooms wishes, if you know that they don’t want details of their wedding in Tuscany on social media try and make an effort and don’t post anything. But even if they are happy with you taking a few pictures and putting them on Facebook, I’m pretty sure that they will appreciate you making an effort not to post embarrassing or inconvenient pictures…unless they have been approved obviously!

Try to not get in the way of  the professional photographer especially during the most important moments of the day such as the ceremony, the cutting of the cake and first dance.


In general I think that a good rule is to use some common sense and make sure you don’t spend the whole day looking through a camera lens or a phone screen…you are celebrating a wedding in Tuscany so take a look around and enjoy the beauty with your own eyes!

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