How to be the best bridesmaid ever at a wedding in Tuscany

bridesmaids wedding in italy

PH: Facibeni

Most of you have probably seen this epic video by now, but for those of you who haven’t, take a look at these awesome bridesmaids!

Amazing eh? if you want to become an epic bridesmaid here are some suggestions you may find useful.

Being a bridesmaid isn’t just about being there as the bride is getting ready for her big day or helping her with her dress when she needs the toilet…all very useful things, I agree, but if you have a little imagination you could turn the experience of being a bridesmaid into a moment that will go down in history (at least for those present at the wedding).

There are some many great ideas you can use as inspiration, here are some of my favorites:

Involve the bridal party and the groomsmen and surprise the newlyweds with a choreographed dance…you could even involve some of the guests and turn it into a mini flash-mob.

Do something like what these bridesmaids did and sing a personalized song for the happy couple.

Arrange some fun games for the bride and groom…a great example of this is the shoe game which you’ve probably seen before or at least heard about; however there are many other games that could be fun and you could get some guests to join in too!

These are just some of my favorites but there are a million things you could do, just use your imagination and remember that your main aim is to make the happy couple even more happy during their wedding in Tuscany, if you have been chosen to be a bridesmaid then you obviously know the couple pretty well and will have no trouble thinking of something that will entertain them and make you their favorite bridesmaid ever!






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