BRIDE: Brittany | GROOM: Brennan | LOCATION: classy tuscan wedding in a Villa near Pisa | PH: Cristiano Facibeni

Classy Tuscan wedding
Classy Tuscan wedding

This young couple made its decision to get married at the end of 2015. They decided to get civilly married at their home, during the lunch break of a normal working day and they already had in mind the wedding in Italy they wanted!

They contacted us and we understood from the very beginning that their classy tuscan wedding was born under a lucky star! We proposed them a Villa and they fell in love with it! The Venue was already fully booked for all 2016, except for October so they decided to get married in Italy and in October. This could be risky when it comes to weather conditions… But they didn’t concern about this! You know what they say: “No guts, no glory”! This is so true and Brittany & Brennan are well aware of this!

So, we planned all things by email and calls. Brittany and Brennan never came to visit or to take a look at the chosen Venue. They completely trusted us during all the planning, guided by our experience. We are glad that because they considered us trustworthy and reliable, from the very beginning! We know how hard it is to plan a wedding at a distance and the most beautiful emotion is to hear how happy they were of all the choices we guided them in.

All the planning was done between emails and calls but in the end. When Brittany and Brennan arrived in Italy few days before the wedding, we spent a day with them to clarify all the points. One visit to the Venue together, the day before the wedding, and we were ready for their special day!

Classy Tuscan weddingClassy Tuscan wedding

The Venue they chose is an amazing and really peculiar one, placed close to the town of Volterra.
The Villa has an amazing charm and great views. On top of that it accommodated all the 50 guests of the wedding! It was a great stay of a week, all together enjoying Tuscany. The super organized Venue’s team that made their stay a dream! The park has an amazing swimming pool area with all the comforts (outside kitchen, bbq area, ping pong table, loudspeaker system).

The villa history is connected with the Cristaldi Family, between the best and more famous Italian cinema producers and during the 60’s it was the place where all the italian stars of the Dolce vita were using to meet and to have fun together (Fellini, Loren, Mastroianni, Dino Risi, its etc). there is still an authentic spectacular mini cinema where the prime of a lot of famous movies were played! All guests could enjoy the cinema as well watching HD movies, football matches and playing Play station!

The day awaited for so long finally came! Here is the gallery:

Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding

Classy Tuscan wedding – Brittany & Brennan’s First look

Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding

Classy Tuscan wedding – The outdoor ceremony

Brittany and Brennan faced it all with happiness, courage and always with a smile on their face –  even when the rain threatened to ruin the day. As you see, it was a cloudy cloudy day, but the ceremony was completely open air!

Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding

Classy Tuscan wedding – Indoor dinner

The aperitif and the dinner were in indoor spaces, out of the rain that meanwhile had begun falling. Look at the stunning set up of the dinner. In a hall with a spectacular chandelier, light was all around: candles, pale roses, golden details! The U shape table was shining!

Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan wedding Classy Tuscan weddingClassy Tuscan wedding

Brittany & Brennan, a simply wonderful couple that showed all of us that a smile and a positive attitude can light up also a rainy wedding day!

Classy Tuscan wedding