08Lavender inspired Wedding in Tuscany

BRIDE: Arabella | GROOM: Robert | LOCATION: TUSCANY – Area near Cortona | PH: Amy turner

Arabella and Robert decided to get married in Tuscany desiring a simple civil ceremony on site and an intimate group of guests with them. But definitely their willing was to have an amazing wedding day, that’s why they fell in love with a typical Tuscan casale in South East Tuscany, small and perfect for guests and families to spend beautiful days all together.

02Lavender inspired Wedding in Tuscany 03Lavender inspired Wedding in Tuscany 04Lavender inspired Wedding in Tuscany 05Lavender inspired Wedding in Tuscany 09Lavender inspired Wedding in Tuscany 14Lavender inspired Wedding in Tuscany

The clear-blue sky and the sun shining couldn’t have make this day more perfect, a bit hot but definitely an unforgettable memory. All family was involved in the preparations. Lavender, white roses, sheafs of wheat and olive leaves were the theme of the day.. and they could not be more appropriate for the occasion, don’t you agree?

Bride and groom were bright in their dresses. He had a wedding suit sand colour with a lovely hat, she had an elegant white dress with short sleeves and a long delicate veil, all adorned with precious laces.


The ceremony took place in the afternoon under the hot Tuscan sun of June.

With all friends and family reunited, Arabella and Robert got married by a public official of the state directly on the gardens of the casale in front of a magnificent view. Intimate and simple, and most of all on site in front of a beautiful view..that’s how bride and groom wanted their wedding to be!


After their civil ceremony on site, Arabella and Robert headed to the town hall for the signatures and some moment in intimacy in the small characteristic street of this medieval burg. Back to the casale, all was ready with the dinner table elegantly and completely designed in white in the main courtyard of the casale. But first..the aperitif began, the blue of the sky left its place to the splendid orange of the sunset and to relaxing moments by the pool with bride&groom and their guests enjoying the water and some fresh baths as well..