Wedding in Italy1

For any idea you might have, ask your Italian wedding planners! Who else could advise you better than them?

Collect our ideas and yours will be a real Italian style wedding, funny and enjoyable, most of all!

Here are wedding ideas for the groom so, just in case you’re the bride…just hint it to your fiancé! 🙂

Weather it may be a wedding in Florence or a wedding in the countryside, think about having a lovely serenade the day before your wedding day! You could be lucky and have the most charming and good singer as partner, but it would be even nicer if he will sing the serenade out of tune! Maybe an Italian guitar player could support him! 😉 Wouldn’t it be lovely?? Flowers cannot miss and why not, even a small present! Or do you think that getting married in our beautiful Italy is enough? Well, isn’t it one of the best Italian style wedding ideas?? 🙂

Of course the bride doesn’t have to reach her lover otherwise the magic will break! Electricity will be in the air for the music and words of the serenade, so it’s better make it last until the greatest moment…the “yes, I do!”. The kiss after the ceremony will be simply amazing and.. “electrical”!!

Wedding in Italy0Wedding in Italy


Then, the day after, a nice Italian style vintage option could be also the “Ape Calessino”, google it!

A lovely driver will lead you to your wedding while singing Bocelli or other famous Italian style songs! Hopefully, it’s HIM that will sing beautifully! 🙂

Your Italian wedding planners would be really happy to advise you in the best possible way because if you prefer other ways of transportation, we have plenty of ideas..but just dream of it and let us know!


Then, take your time and enjoy the most amazing moment of your life! Your Italian wedding planners will take care of the wedding ceremony setting, the wedding table setup and all stationery and decorations! Just trust us and we’ll make it how you want it!


Then, to relax after so much excitement, a stroll in the countryside is ideal! Make him ride a nice Vespa, or a red Fiat 500 car! Do you think both could suit to your wedding gown??

Wedding in Italy2

Dream of your Italian wedding and we’ll realize all your Italian style wedding ideas!